Mountain vineyards display variations in altitude, depth of soil horizons, and ensure a myriad of micro climates that produce fruit of extraordinary complexity, flavor intensity, and power. Linked Vineyard is a truly remarkable site balanced at 1200 feet on a west facing hillside at the southwest corner of Knights Valley. Composed of rocky volcanic soils, this unique vineyard sits just above the fog line and looks over both Napa and Sonoma Counties. The growing season in this mountain locale is exceedingly long, providing ample time for the grapes to develop unparalleled levels of physiological ripeness without high sugars, and resulting alcohol.

The steep terrain and shallow soil composition of our hillside block causes a desirable stress upon the vines as water drains freely, depleting soil nutrients and reducing vine vigor. This specific nature of the site, coupled with cooler mountain air during the days, and less marine influence at night, yields fruit with thicker skins, rich natural tannins, and intense, concentrated flavors.